Personal wellness is about smart, healthy choices. Our team of fitness and nutritional specialists can help you feel better and live happier from the inside out.

It doesn’t take much for you to begin to experience some or all of the benefits of an Exercise Based Wellness Program. Your program will be structured based on the knowledge and experience of both our Exercise Science Fitness Professionals and Doctors of Physical Therapy. Together we will help you perform safe exercises and follow basic healthy choices that you can and will make you successful. The program will include personal exercise sessions, daily home exercises, use of nutritional data, daily helpful wellness tips and appropriate adjustments along the way. Your program will be performed in a professional setting here at the PTS Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine Center.

If you are currently participating in a weight loss program, our exercises can be a valuable supplement for long-term results.

Woman Eating Healthy

Physical Health: Cardiovascular exercise improves your heart and lung health. The more you exercise, the more you reduce your risk of heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes and some forms of cancer. Regular physical activity also helps improve your blood pressure, cholesterol, resting Heart Rate, and the body’s ability to recover from increased activities. Exercise stimulates the pituitary glands, insulin activity, thyroid and growth hormones which aid in healing, strength and metabolism. These improvements will help you feel healthier overall.

Improve Sleep: You may also notice an improvement in how you sleep, as exercise tends to make you fall asleep more quickly and sleep (more) deeply. Theoretical reasons include the rise and fall of your body temperature and the release of body chemicals from burning sugars that aid in relaxation and sleep.

Weight Loss and Management: Exercise aids in losing or maintaining weight by burning off the calories you consume. This will reduce your Percent Body Fat and Body Mass Index (BMI). When the number of calories you burn through regular activities and exercise exceeds the number of calories you eat, you create a calorie deficit, resulting in weight loss.

Strengthening your bones and muscles: Exercise creates a stronger body to allow you to handle everyday tasks more easily. Weight-bearing exercises aid with increasing and maintaining bone mass. This protects you from osteoporosis as you age. Strive for stronger bones and muscles to give you a more stable body to prevent injuries and falls. An increase in lean muscle mass also helps increase your metabolism so you are able to more easily burn calories.

Psychological Health: Regular exercise releases chemicals/ hormones that stimulate the brain for improved mood and mental wellbeing. This may reduce stress levels and improve thinking and focus. One may also feel more confident as you improve both your physical fitness and appearance.

Other benefits include improved balance, more energy, motor coordination, stronger immune system, reduced risk of injuries, and quicker recovery from injuries.