The warmth and viscosity of water provides an effective, low-impact means for healing injuries, increasing mobility, and restoring confidence.

Aquatic Therapy is a specialized form of physical or occupational therapy. For years, therapists have realized positive results when applying this water modality to a variety of patient populations. Water has been, and still remains, one of the best environments to achieve full function regardless of the injury. Water improves motion and flexibility. The warmth of the water and its massaging effects allow muscles to relax while helping to reduce pain. The natural buoyancy reduces gravitational pull and lessens compressive forces, hence making exercises much easier to perform than on land.

Exercising in Pool

Performing exercise in the water can be beneficial for a variety of individuals with neuromuscular or musculoskeletal disorders. Aquatic therapeutic exercise differs from land based therapy through the principle of buoyancy. Buoyancy reduces gravitational forces and diminishes joint compression. It allows for greater comfort and ease of movement for patients with painful joints. This also allows patients following knee and hip surgery to begin the gait training and weight bearing phase earlier in the protocol. The surrounding pressure of the water, also known as hydrostatic pressure, assists in reducing inflammation and provides sensory input for improved postural awareness.

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